Custom Designed – All Drawings, All Permits Negotiated

Olive Moulton, with 40 years’ experience in the building industry, is the Managing Director and Designer for her Custom Design and all permits negotiated company, Omrank Pty Ltd.

Omrank is a building company providing Professional Custom Designed Preparation of Drawings and Permits for all of your building projects.

We produce Custom designed Drawings and Specifications for; New Buildings, all styles of Renovations and Additions, Heritage Homes, Multi Unit Developments, Conservatories, DPU’s, plus small Commercial buildings of all designs.

Our personalised service covers all of these areas and specialize in period Projects, both Domestic and Commercial, covering all areas of property improvements.

Omrank Pty Ltd is a custom design company providing Professional Custom Designed Development Drawings and Permits for all of your building project/s. We produce Working Drawings and Specifications for New- Fresh Contemporary Homes and Heritage Homes, Multi Unit Developments, Commercial Projects, DPU’s, Additions and Renovations, Conservatories – Domestic and Commercial, plus all small Commercial building projects.

Omrank Pty Ltd have all the associated professionals available to document all of your Building submission – Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Building Permit Surveyors, Land Surveying, Energy Ratings and Reports, Fire Rating and Reports, plus Report and Consents.

We provide you with everything you need to build your building project in the one place, ready to build your dream project with all your Permits approved.

We also offer you a complete service for whatever Interior Decorating Colour Schemes, Interior and Exterior, plus Landscaping designing, if required to complete your picture.

Project Assessment

A pre-design meeting is arranged to discuss and assess your building project at your property, or. at our office for a new build. This is to discuss in detail the building service required and all the ideas you have for your project.
Recommendations are then made with the view to developing a plan to suit your needs and to fit your budget range, all with an agreement of the Omrank Pty Ltd Fees As Per The Contract charged. Other fees expected to carry out everything required to obtain your building permit/s will be explained to you at this time. On verbal acceptance from you, a Contract and an agreed Acceptance of Fees is drawn up.
The Contract is sent to you and explained to you in detail, if required. The Contract is signed by yourself/s and or a company and/or trust directors. At this time, you also sign the Acceptance Of All Fees As Per The Contract, at the back of your Contract.
You then pay your 10% deposit, the first payment required in your Contract fees to proceed with the process to obtain your Permit/s for your project as per the HIA regulations.
After this, an appointment is made to measure and extensively photograph all of your property and surrounding area in order to prepare the design. All relevant documents are requested from you and any others who may have jurisdiction over the works.

Design Development

From our thorough discussion with you a design is developed by Olive Moulton incorporating all of your individual needs and requirements for your building project.

We arrange a meeting with you to present you the drawings of your existing house floor plan, elevations and site plan, along with the Proposed Custom Designed Floorplan is presented to you at this meeting. We also discuss further your proposed elevations and the finer details of your building project design. At this meeting a further progress payment of 40% of The Contract fees, is payable and signed by you and a copy of the drawings are given to you, to that date.

Town Planning Permits & All Overlays (if required)

When a Town Planning permit is required an Additional Fee of 50% of The Contract is payable for this stage, signed by you and a copy of the drawings are sent to you to that date.

Omrank will then lodge your project documentation to the Council for approval and negotiate your Permit Approval.

On receipt of the Permit Fees from Council, they will be sent to you for payment in order for the Council to proceed with your Permit assessment, advertising fee and Approval.

Further, if required, an Additional Fee of 50% of The Contract fees for a Heritage or any other Overlay is required on lodgement of the plans and documentation to the Council at the end of the Design Development Stage. This stage is signed and a copy of the drawings and documentation to date are sent to you to that date.

This will also involve you sending the documentation required to your neighbours for their approval and comments by registered mail.

Omrank will provide you with the documents required to be sent and received back to Council from your neighbours, and fees to be paid to the Council.

The balance 50% for Town Planning is payable on the approval/non approval by the relevant authorities as per The Contract, along with a copy of the drawings and Permit Documentation for your Town Planning Approval.

If a Report and Consents is required to be submitted to the Council to vary a regulation for approval from the Council fee/s will be sent to you for payment to the Council.

Additional Omrank P/L fees will also be sent to you, according to the time involved and quantity of consents required to be negotiated. These fees are payable on request as per The Contract.

Final Documentation & Lodgement of Your Documentation to the Building Surveyor

We will now fully detail your plans with all the necessary Contract Specifications covering all aspects of your works to be carried out, providing you with full working drawings. When finished we will meet with you again to discuss any further details required before lodging your plans. A further progress payment of 40% is payable at this meeting as per the Fees As Per The Contract.

N.B. All consultants and surcharges, plus all statutory fees and R&C; if required from the Council, or; further drawing details requested from the Building Surveyor or the Owner/s at any point along the process for your building project to proceed. The additional fees are payable on completion within 7 days of the “Additional Works Carried out To The Contract Amount” received in order to proceed with your Permit process.

All mandatory additional drawings and details requested by the Building Surveyor, are also payable at any point along the process, within 7 days of receipt, as stated in the OMRANK PTY LTD & ASSOCIATES CONTRACT documentation; for your building project to proceed.

All Council – Building Surveyor’s – Lodgements Approvals

All necessary documents and plans will be lodged in order to obtain your permit/s. Negotiations will be carried out with the relevant Council and/or Building Surveyor, plus all other statutory documentation to ensure your plans are approved.

When the Council’s and/or Building Surveyor’s final check list is received stating, subject to nominating your builder’s final contract price and relevant Warranty Insurance is received a permit will be issued, then the final balance of 10% is payable along with any further consultants, statutory fees and Omrank P/L fees owed to date.

Providing personalized customer service, we are committed to excellence in quality customized home or other building project solutions. We complement your project with suitable site orientation, to maximise views from your home or workplace, along with your lifestyle requirements or commercial venture requirements.

We provide innovative designs to suit any building project, timeless quality with comprehensive preparation of your plans and specifications. We make it easy to understand and how to take action with the provisions of energy saving solutions, plus, climate issues needed and required to be addressed, to achieve the correct result for your building project sustainability rating.

We include water saving solutions, solar electricity systems, (if required), hot water systems and energy saving complete insulation systems to help reduce household energy costs. Heating, cooling and noise reduction for your project (if required) in order to obtain the right thermal energy rating for your building project.

We also supply Bushfire management rating reports and Aboriginal Cultural Sensitivity reports for your building project if required.

This process producing comprehensive working drawings and all documentation of your complete building project will enable you to have a successful and relatively stress-free experience.

We look forward to being of service to you.